Hills echo human rights

Combat Law Vol 6 Issue 4, July – August 2007

The struggle for human rights is far from over in the new state of Uttarakhand. Suresh Nautiyal reports on the local organisations’ strong will to pressurise the government to respect human rights and protect the environment through sustainable management of natural resources, for their unrestricted exploitation is detrimental to human rights.

QUOTE – “Any debate is incomplete without the mention of ecological issues and rights of the local people concerning the state. No wonder this was one of the main focus areas of the workshop for the simple reason that we cannot have progress and development at the cost of human being and their rights, particularly in the ecologically fragile regions like Uttarakhand. Also, democracy cannot be an effective tool to reflect peoples’ will as long as there is a threat to ecology and to their rights, given their inter-linkages.”